Wednesday 15 February 2012

No more hoarding glass

Ok finally sold both my Zeiss lenses. Had it not been for eBay and Paypal's abusive fee's I would have broke even. Hard to believe that for each 600 pound lens, I have to pay out around 40 quid eBay, and 20 quid paypal. In the future I'll do all my lens trading on RFF... Anyway, I rather have the Ricoh GR 28mm f2.8 over the Biogon equivalent any day. The build quality of the Ricoh lens is outstanding and something I've not seem on any other lens. 
Have to mention that matsuiyastore store in Japan is fantastic. Lens was purchased Saturday at 18:00 and it was received in my office today at 12:00. Second lens I buy from them, the first was the Konica M-Hexanon 28mm f2.8 which I like very much. Each purchase is pure pleasure. 

This is now my second copy of the GR lens after the first got stolen from me a year ago. 

Ok anyway, I really need to start posting more... and no more lens purchases at all now.

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