Sunday 18 August 2013



  1. Nice to see you posting photos again, Tom.
    That's quite a moody scene!

  2. Hi Kesh, sorry just saw this. I havn't been posting for a while. Hopefully i'll find some inspiration and get back into it. I was hoping for a better solution on the GXR-M for shooting in daylight and really hoping Ricoh would have made a new body with a decent EVF inside the body but i'm not sure this will ever come true so I'm having to make do.

  3. Hey Tom, I've recently lost inspiration too.
    It may sound like an excuse but the Fuji isn't working for me.
    It took me a while to figure out but various aspects about it get to me and I find it offputting to use.

    I'll list some of them here:
    - When I switch the camera on and point it at a reasonably bright scene, it takes a moment for the LCD/EVF to adjust.
    - Buttons/menus are slow to react.
    - I DO like the dials and manual controls but the camera is otherwise a bit unresponsive.
    - The AF (touted as fast) is actually quite slow and hunts a lot. Worse still it often doesn't acquire focus.
    - RAW conversion for the XTrans sensor is still not fantastic, and there seems to be no RAW compression. The 16MPix files are therefore ~32Mb each and slow to convert.

    I thought about selling it but my father is keen to have it so it's going to him.
    I'm now waiting for a suitable alternative...hopefully an all-in-one to replace it and the Nikon system.

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